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Children born into families, who for generations were resigned to a life of poverty, have little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty unless they have access to education. YUM has developed a wide-range of educational solutions including vocational training centers, community libraries, scholarships and sponsorships.

Vocational Training Centers

A World Bank study found that close to 60% of Indonesians aged 18-24 are unemployed. The greatest challenges young people face is lack of skills, lack of experience and lack of access to employment possibilities.


Cipanas, West Java

Established in 2009 and situated in the Cipanas YUM Village, the center provides free skills training to close to 450 students every year. Most of the youth living in the area do not have the opportunity to continue their education to a higher level. Many of them have to work in order to help their families, however without proper skills, the only type of work that they can find is unskilled labour. The Vocational Training Center in Cipanas provides free 3-month classes in English, Computer, Sewing as well as Job Seeking Skills workshops.


After I graduated from school, I tried to apply for work but was never successful. I then decided to follow the Computer Class at the VTC and after I got my certificate, I then was able to get a job at the Palace Hotel in Cipanas.

Amar, former student at VTC Cipanas



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Bukit Batu, Central Kalimantan

In July 2011, YUM became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). YUM’s commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative was to establish a Technical Training Centre in Rural Indonesia. YUM was honoured to have this special commitment announced on stage during the CGI Annual Meeting in New York, as an exemplary approach to addressing challenges in Education. The YUM Vocational Training Centre in Central Kalimantan is operational since mid-2013; it accommodates more than 700 short-term (3-month) trainees every year, mostly young people and women, in English, Computer, Sewing, Food Production and Hairdressing.