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YUM’s community based projects aim to provide a better standard of living for those families living in poverty. YUM aims to create a foundation for long-term stability and growth by promoting cooperation between members of each community and show communities what can be achieved when they work together.

Organic Farming

Situated in the fertile mountains of Cipanas, West Java, the organic farm is not only a learning facility for young farmers in the area, but also YUM’s sustainability project selling organic vegetables to individuals, resellers and restaurants in Jakarta. Every year, more than 600 visitors come and learn about organic farming, generating income for the farm and for other YUM projects in need of funding.

The organic farm’s mission is to promote a healthy community and environmental sustainability through organic farming and education programs. The farm employs a mixture of organic techniques and permaculture practices that support sustainable outcomes. Methods used on the farm include:

  • Composting green waste and animal manures
  • Use of compost teas
  • Integrated pest management
  • Companion planting
  • Crop rotation
  • Non-hybrid seed saving
  • Animal husbandry


The organic farm also offers education projects to schools and groups that provides a hands-on interactive learning experience.


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