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YUM’s health projects are centered in Central Kalimantan and West Java, where there is a desperate need for proper health education and resources. A lack of good healthcare also impacts the economic and social aspects of these communities. YUM’s leadership in disease prevention has led to major milestones particularly in the areas of sanitation, clean water, health promotion and malaria.


According to the World Bank, the number of stunted children under the age of five has reached approximately 37.2 percent of Indonesian children. In Central Kalimantan, this number reaches 43% of the children due to no local food production and the lack of nutritional advice from government health institutions.

Research shows that brain (cognitive) development is curtailed by chronic malnutrition and this affects children’s performance at school by reducing IQ scores by 5 to 11 points. The first 1,000 days of a child as well as during the mother’s pregnancy are the most crucial as it is during this time that the brain cells of the child develop.


In Bukit Batu, Central Kalimantan, along with the Sustainable Agriculture project creating home gardens for over 600 families, YUM also focused on improving the nutritional intake of the community. For this, health education and cooking classes were conducted in 16 Health Service Centers attended by approximately 900 women.


In Cipanas, West Java, YUM works with 5 Health Service Centers and around 850 babies, toddlers and mothers. Monthly health education talks including about nutrition are organised as well as cooking classes. Nutritional supplements are distributed during these events to give examples of proper nutritious snacks and small meals.


"I’m especially happy because my child is now eating eggs mixed with vegetables. Before, he didn’t like them!"

Ibu Fitriani, workshop participant.


"Before I used a liter of oil every week, but now I only use a little bit."

Ibu Kanis, workshop participant.