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Early Childhood Learning Project




Children born into families, who for generations were resigned to a life of poverty, have little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty unless they have access to education. YUM has developed a wide-range of educational solutions including vocational training centers, community libraries, scholarships and sponsorships.

Early Childhood Learning

The Early Childhood Learning Centre in Cipanas, West Java was established in 2012. Evidence shows that high-quality preschool positively contributes to the language, literacy and mathematical skills growth of both low-income and middle-income children, but has the greatest impact on children living in or near poverty (Foundation for Child Development, 2013). Though there are many preschools in the area of Cipanas, YUM is determined to provide the high-quality programs that are needed for the children's growth. Our hard work paid off in 2015 when the YUM Cipanas Early Childhood Learning Centre was declared the 5th Best Preschool in the province of West Java, competing against more than 11,000 other preschools.


With our opening hours spanning Monday to Friday, 45 children below the age of 6 receive quality education three hours a day, for free.  The children attending the early childhood learning centre learn through fun and interactive lessons with local tutors. YUM's Early Childhood Learning Centre is supported by good facilities such as a toys' library and our award winning children's library, an organic farm, a playground, fish ponds, and a goat farm. These provide added value to enrich the children's experience. Supported by two qualified pre-school teachers, the children engage in creative problem solving, working, and learning about teamwork. Applying a character-based curriculum to develop imagination through art and creativity, exploration, building blocks, reading and counting improves students wellbeing in a number of ways.

Our preschool children also have their own nutrition and health program. This program covers how to brush their teeth, wash their hands before eating and after going to the toilet, etc., as lessons separate from the library activities. A glass of milk is distributed to children every day to help improve their nutrition. Workshops are held four times a year for the parents of our preschool children to deliver good parenting advice.