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Cipanas YUM Village Project




YUM’s community based projects aim to provide a better standard of living for those families living in poverty. YUM aims to create a foundation for long-term stability and growth by promoting cooperation between members of each community and show communities what can be achieved when they work together.

Cipanas YUM Village

The Children’s Village in West Java began as a rehabilitation center for TB patients. Later it served orphans and in 2009, converted into a Community Development Center, providing services to close to 4,000 community members. The center was recognized in 2013 by the Indonesian Social Ministry and Save The Children as an example among child welfare institutions and has become a point of reference for other organisations.

In the community center, several projects run on a daily basis:

  • Community Library
  • Early Childhood Learning Center
  • Toys Library
  • Box of Books program
  • Playground
  • Remedial & Tutorial program
  • School Sponsorship
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Organic Farm
  • Health Promotion through Health Service Centers
  • Elderly Care